Low Voltage Company Thomaston

We provide UL Central Station monitoring for all commercial fire alarm and security systems for extremely competitive rates. We provide either LAN line or Cellular monitoring whichever you prefer, or whichever is the best suit for your situation. We offer educational, non-profit, religious organizations, and multiple property discounts.

Professional Operators

You can depend on our professional, TMA certified monitoring staff. Our highly selective hiring process is followed by months of training and mentoring.

Our Personnel are What Set Us Apart

Our state of the art technology is continuously improving, but what really sets us apart is the professionalism of our people. Our support staff have decades of experience installing alarms and you will always get the personal attention you deserve. Our support team is dedicated and professional, you will always come first.

All of our operators are TMA certified. You can count on a professional response to your customers’ alarms.

Free Text Messages and Emails

Free text messages and emails on all alarm signals!

Universal Alarm Support

Our Central Station uses the industry’s highest quality, UL Certified digital alarm receivers.

  • Alarm.com
  • Surguard System III
  • Surguard System IV
  • Teldat Visoralarm IP
  • AES Intillenet
  • DMP with IP
  • Bosch 6600 with IP
  • Silent Knight
  • AlarmNet
  • rControl
  • Ultrasync
  • Frontel (Videofied)
Fire Alarm System Thomaston